Sarah loves Pilates because it’s an amazing workout for everyone! She works with a wide range of clients including pre and post natal, those with injuries, beginner and advanced clients, and people of all ages. She loves to utilize all of the classical equipment so her clients can get the most out of their session. Sarah likes to focus on the technique of the exercise first and then continue to execute with flow. She is able to assess a client and quickly adapt to their specific needs. Sarah is also happy to target an area a client would like to focus on - after all this is your workout! Her clients will tell you she has a bubbly personality that is infectious. Having fun while we work out? Yes please!


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NeXa Pilates and Fitness,

2273 Broadway, New York, NY, 10024, United States


*NeXa is an open boutique studio and often has multiple sessions going on at once.