How Pilates helps back pain ?


One of the main things Pilates achieves is creating length and space between joints and spinal discs. This allows nerves to flow freely without blockage or pain. Pilates does this by training the most interfacial layer of abdominals know as your TVA ( transverse abdominis). The TVA wraps around your organs and attaches to the spine. Building strength in these muscles creates a support system for your spinal discs and therefore alleviates the pressure placed on them. When TVA abdominals are weak , discs compress because they have no support and in turn place pressure on nerves that innervate the spine. This causes pain. Calll, email or click here for more information about how Pilates training can help you become pain free.


Yesterday, NeXa Pilates opened its studio to local neighbors of the upper west side. Over 100 guests joined them for their first #LOVEYOURBODY celebration, just in time for Valentine’s. Both Pilates newcomers and seasoned students, local businesses and neighbors, mingled and learned about the benefits of 4’S: Strength, Stability, Stretch and Stamina. Classically trained instructors helped curious newbie’s get familiar with the elegant studio and featured equipment such as the towers and reformers. The studio is set up as a complete system with all the classical Pilates equipment that Joe himself invented, the teachers and the space accommodate students from all walks of life and all skill levels. Guests also got a special treat from our partners Precision Aethetics - a free Emsculpt. The Emsculpt is an electromagnetic treatment that builds muscle and reduces fat while you lay there, wow.

“Working out in a local boutique Pilates studio allows you to get one - on - one attention from your instructors and then share your own inspiration story about how Pilates makes a difference in your life”, said Jackie, who was one of the winners of the Hamilton ticket raffle. Congratulations to the other winners, Jane, David and Louise. As the spring season approaches, NeXa plans to get more locally involved supporting local business and sharing ideas of “#LOVEYOURBODY through platforms like Instagram. Regardless of your physical attributes, believe in finding your true beauty, break the rules if you have too, and start a journey of hard work to believe in yourself. Do you love your body ? Show us and tag us at #NexaPilatesandFitness.

Precison Aesthetics Emsculpt

Precison Aesthetics Emsculpt