Pilates solves winter blues

Winters in New York City can drag for months giving me the blues. This season an early snowfall November 18 led to the city almost shutting down. “ This could mean the start of a long winter “, I said. In any event, I had a determination to do something about it. The first thing I did was to set a goal that challenges that prevailing rationale. It’s generally true in my case that cold and snow redirects me to be more indoorsy rather than venturing outdoors. I was looking for a new fresh workout that would engage my entire body during a one hour workout while enhancing mental awareness. To do this, I needed a trainer and a exciting place that offers small classes in Classical Pilates. And as I was walking around my neighborhood in the upper west side, I passed Nexa Pilates studio on Columbus Avenue. I went inside to say hello. My first impression was that it’s small enough to get personal attention and a place to meet the locals. I was welcomed with a 15 minute session with Anna who the studio's master trainer. She recommended an early tower class at 7am as my next lesson. From day one, I knew it would be challenging as I come from a running background and my strength is stored mostly in my legs. Anna guided me starting with the the basics so I could understand the fundamentals of Pilates and it's effect on the body. I twisted and bent in positions that were uncomfortable at first but my muscles warmed up after 20 minutes on the Tower. Set up and pumping my arms in the 100’s exercise had me feeling the heat going through my abs immediately. That warmed-up, whole body workout feeling continued throughout the hour. When the class ended, the group had a chat about the different ways that Pilates made them feel strong and flexible within different exercises. Hearing the feedback from other people in the class encouraged me to come back for more training. Just before I put my jacket on to brave the record cold, I realized Nexa Pilates tower class had given me more confidence that my core was stable enough to brave those slushy, icy sidewalks.